‘Waveform’ Needs Your Help On Kickstarter!


New indie studio, Eden Industries, is looking for funding on Kickstarter so they can get their unique game, Waveform, off the ground.

Attempting to describe exactly what Waveform is presents itself as a challenge as it doesn’t exactly neatly slide into one of the many prescribed genres we are all aware of. Eden Industries avoid categorising it themselves and just settle with saying “[if] you’re looking for something a bit different, you’re sure to find it in Waveform”. Well, that’s not going to get us very far now is it? So prepare yourselves for an awkward summation!

In Waveform, you control a a wave of light transmitting through the galaxy. Stick with us, it looks good we promise! You are able to control the wave’s amplitude and wavelength in order to line it up with objectives, avoid obstacles, and interact with a vast array of interesting objects. One of these is a warp gate of some kind that alters the otherwise typical wave pattern of the light, it makes a cool sound, we can tell you that much. Being as the focus of Waveform is light, it is explained much better in a visual manner, we highly recommend consulting the trailer below to answer any remaining curiosities.

If you liked the look of the mesmerising arcade-style gameplay (best description we could muster) of Waveform, then show your support by throwing your dosh at it on Kickstarter. The developers are looking for $8,000 in total so that they they can add the final polish on the game and get it on as many platforms as possible. Currently it will be released on Windows, but they hope to get Waveform on Mac, iOS, Linux and Android. They proclaim that a monetary investment is not all that is needed though, they also want feedback into helping the gameplay evolve into something surprising and even more exciting. Of course, those who do invest in Waveform will receive goodies depending on what tier of investment they opt with. This ranges from getting the game for free to becoming a full-fledged ‘employee’ with saying power in the design of the game.

To help out Eden Industries and invest in Waveform, head over to the Kickstarter page.

For more information on Waveform and the developers, head over to the official website, you can keep up with the progress of the game on Twitter as well: @EdenIndistries

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  1. Ryan Vandendyck

    Hey everyone, this is Ryan, founder of Eden Industries and creator of Waveform!

    Chris did a great job of explaining the game as “mesmerising arcade-style gameplay”; we definitely agree with that! In fact many people that end up playing the game are literally quite mesmerized by controlling the wave and report having a ton of fun even when they’re not playing the game as it’s meant to be played :)

    I’d be thrilled to answer any questions anyone has about the game, so check out the trailer and the Kickstarter page and let me know what you think!

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