Well Color Me Gameboy: ‘Soldier Of’ Demo Released

Soldier Of
Soldier Of

Fleshed out with Gameboy Color graphics, I’d be very surprised if Soldier Of doesn’t immediately appeal to a lot of you on visuals alone. Wait until you hear the music and sounds then! I’m actually writing this with the demo playing in the background because the music is just a chiptune wonder.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the development of Soldier Of for a little while now (shh, don’t tell the developer) and it’s always impressed me for its style and simplicity. It encompasses what it aims to be – a Gameboy Color action RPG – perfectly and after having spent a little bit of time with the pre-alpha demo, I’m all the more confident it’s going to be a really great game come release.

In the game you’ll be playing as Simon Brower as he returns home to find that his city, New Pitria, has been attacked and invaded. The idea is to make your way to the center of the city where your home is located and find your wife, Tracy. Then comes the escape! The armed soldiers aren’t the only obstruction in your journey, as Soldier Of incorporates classic metroidvania aspects, most prominently having to find items to progress. Your first item will be Jump Boots which quite simply allow you to jump over obstacles.

You can download the pre-alpha demo for Soldier Of on Windows from this link, but be warned that there are many issues with the game as not everything has been implemented yet. For instance, you can’t even die, plus you can get stuck in some parts of the level.

There’s also no explanation of the controls – X is your primary action button, C is your secondary, Enter opens the inventory and you use the arrow keys to move. Pressing the number keys also increases and decreases the size of the window.

More information on Soldier Of can be found on the game’s official development blog.

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  1. SolarLune

    Wow, I totally didn’t know that this was up! Thanks for the compliments – I’ll have to really get cracking on this!

    EDIT: But the demo’s only for Windows. I haven’t made the ones for Mac or Linux yet. :)

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