Who You Gonna Cull?: ‘Dreadline’ Teaser Trailer


After six months of hard work, Eeerie Canal Entertainment are making their big impression on the world with a teaser trailer for their upcoming bloody RPG/RTS hybrid, Dreadline.

From some of the people who brought you Freedom Force and Bioshock comes Dreadline, which is about a team of monsters that time travel to kill people that are about to meet their doom. Announced so far and focused on in the teaser trailer is a level set upon the Titanic just before it hits the iceberg. You’ll hop into the level with your murderous party and get busy with the blood gushing. They’re going to die anyway, right?

The developers have said that it will play out like a “Diablo/Freedom Force mashup, but faster and with more blood”, so if that pushes your buttons then you shouldn’t be disappointed. There’s no idea of a release window but it seems the developers have quite a long way to go yet, having only the Titanic level workable, and event that only just. They seem to be taking care to make the game shine with the artwork of Steven Kimura, who has worked on System Shock 2 and Bioshock before now.

Anyway, here’s that rather wondrous trailer, which, if you stick to the very end, contains about a two seconds of gameplay. Oh and this: “Where time is running out for those that have run out of time.” Yep.

More information on Dreadline can be found on the developer’s official website.

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