A Chilling New Take On Horror ‘Huntsman: The Orphanage’ Is Looking For Your Vote

With the next round of Greenlight games scheduled to be revealed on the 15th of January many developers are now trying more than ever to raise awareness about their game on Greenlight. And with so many great games to pick between it can be very difficult to stand-out.


Huntsman: The Orphanage (Huntsman) is one of the games hoping to making the cut this time around and although still in heavy development the game looks and sounds very interesting.


Huntsman is from Shadow Shifters an Australian indie development team who aim to bring a whole new take on the horror genre. In an attempt to move the gameplay away from the long standing tradition of being violent and full of gore, into something altogether different and even more creepy.


In Huntsman you are given only a mobile phone. A somewhat apt piece of equipment as we all know the mobile is the Swiss Army Knife of the 21st century after all. With your phone and your own intellect you are tasked to complete all the puzzles laid out to unveil the mystery behind the Children’s disappearance.


The concept does sound very interesting and Huntsman will be the first horror – that I can think of at least – that is going to really embrace the versatility of the mobile phone. It is a great idea as you can do so much with it – and I am not just talking about Angry Birds.


Huntsman is currently situated at number 8 in the Greenlight list so providing no other games get voted above it we should see it greenlit in this coming batch. Of course this is not certain yet and if you are interested in the game I urge you to take a few seconds out of your day to up vote it and guarantee Shadow Shifters make the cut this month.


Expect to see a playable teaser of the game coming soon. Hopefully this will give more of a feel for how the game will play out, I am eager to find out.


You can vote for Huntsman: The Orphanage on the Steam Greenlight page here, and you can also follow Shadow Shifters development on their official site here.

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