A Hole New World – NES Aesthetics Made For Today’s Consoles

Inspired by classic games like Megaman, Ghouls’n Ghosts, and Castlevania, indie development studio Mad Gear Games is currently developing A Hole New World to release an NES-like game with the same classic look, feel, and challenging gameplay. The game is a platformer with several unique mechanics that turns the experience on its head, and I mean that literally.


Gameplay includes playing upside down!


A Hole New World follows a Potion Master and his companion Fay as they quest to send demons back to their dimensions, while gaining new powers to use through several different worlds. The gameplay is a “Megaman-like” platformer, but with the unique element of an entirely different upside-down world that players can smoothly transition between by falling through holes in the ground. The feature looks to be intentionally disorienting, and will force players to adapt their coordination to match the change. The game promises challenging bosses, several weapons and powers, and even multiple endings for added replay value.


Battle challenging Bosses, each with a unique array of moves.


A Hole New World promises to bring nostalgic NES back into the hands of young and old players alike, using today’s technology to offer a new kind of challenge. The game will be optimized for gamepads, and intends to release for PC, Mac, and Linux. For more information about the project, gamers can follow Mad Gear Games on Twitter, or like their page on Facebook. Gamers can also provide support by voting on their Steam Greenlight page.

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