‘AdventurOS’ Generates The Game Based On The Contents Of Your Computer

AdventurOS is an upcoming action platformer that assesses the file types within the computer playing the game, and generates in-game content, based on what is found.  Currently in development by the developers who brought gamers Super Tower Rush, Antipodes, and Pixelry, AdventurOS is heading to Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Every room, object, enemy, etc. is auto-generated by AdventurOS based on what the game finds in the player’s computer. This mechanic makes the game a unique experience for every player, as no two computers have the exact same contents. For example, the illustration below shows two folders and two .txt files inside a folder. Each folder generates a room, and each .txt file generates a little bad guy. Going from room to room is simply going from folder to folder.


For users with particularly large hard drives, the developers promise a portal system that will allow the player to teleport to important locations, to save time.


Check out the video below for a full overview of AdventurOS or click here to be magically teleported to the explanation of the auto-generation mechanic.


As you probably noticed from the video, AdventurOS is looking for support on IndieGoGo.


“Since there are three of us in the team making the game (living in different countries), after taking around 25% for taxes once the campaign gets funded, the rest will be used to pay rent, utilities and equipment such as software and hardware for the development of the game,” the AdventurOS IndieGoGo campaign page explains. “If we get any extra funding we will add stretch goals to the campaign with more features since we will be able to extend the development process then.”


There are obviously going to be some security concerns with how AdventurOS scan’s a person’s hard drive. The developers offer a bit of consolation: “The game will only index a folder when entered, and it only reads the information while being inside it. The game is not going to change any file except the ones inside the game folder.”


Visit AdventurOS on IndieGoGo.

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