‘AI War: Fleet Command’ Expands For The 4th Time With ‘Ancient Shadows’

Arcen Games have built their reputation on the back of AI War: Fleet Command. A bizarre and creative take on the RTS genre, blending 4x, grand strategy, tower defence  ‘comp-stomp’ and asymmetrical conflict elements into a cooperatively oriented whole. When first released, the game was rough around the edges, unbalanced, and more than a little ugly, but perseverance has seen it grow into an indie titan. It’s still not the prettiest thing to look at, but if you’re judging a strategy game by its graphics, then you’re probably playing the wrong genre.


Countless hundreds of patches and four paid expansions later, the latest edition of AI War – V6.0 – rolls out, along with the official move of the latest expansion – Ancient Shadows – from beta to retail. In addition to the regular bundle of new units, gameplay modifiers and interface enhancements that each expansion brings, Ancient Shadows stands out by adding a whole new level of gameplay. Now, the players can field ‘champion’ flagships. Immortal, upgradable leader units capable of trading blows with huge enemy forces, or travelling off the usual strategic map and experiencing a whole new set of side-quest content.


In celebration of the release of Ancient Shadows, the core game and all previous expansions are 75% off on Steam today, with the new expansion coming in at a 10% discount. We’ll be digging deep into this latest edition of the game over the next week or two, and will have a full review sometime in the near (and hopefully not AI-controlled) future.


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