Ally Valley: ‘A Valley Without Wind’ Now Available

After a good long time in development and an ever-increasingly level of hype in its sails, A Valley Without Wind is now available to purchase and download through several different digital distrobution vendors.


And the good news is that there’s plenty of choice. The game’s up for grabs at a 10% discount on developer Arcen Games’ official site, with GamersGate and the Mac Game Store following suit with a similar price cut, effective for one full week. You can also pick up the game at IndieCity and Gamestop’s Impulse platform, the latter of which also offers a special four-pack at a slightly discounted price for a cheeky bit of multiplayer action.


Conspicuously absent from the current list of digital sellers is Steam, although Arcen Games have revealed via Twitter that “things are progressing” on the prospect of the game seeing a release on Valve’s service later today. We’ll keep you updated on proceedings. In the meantime, here’s another look at A Valley Without Wind‘s launch trailer to whet your appetite.


Find out more about A Valley Without Wind by visiting its official site.

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