Alter World Will Make You Question Reality

Have you ever imagined the possibility of another dimension existing within our own? That work and school, places most of us frequent regularly, could in fact be something other than what they appear to be? Alter World is an adventure platforming game that dares to take a plunge into the unknown in order to investigate these questions. Developed and published by Giorgi Abelashvili, Alter World was inspired by Stephen King’s iconic The Dark Tower series, particularly by Jake Chaimbers’ quote in the first chapter of the saga: “Go then, there are other worlds than these.”


Alter World begins with a scene depicting a boy and his pet dog playing together happily. But things take a mysterious turn when a strange door suddenly appears, and the dog vanishes through it, Adjustment Bureau style. Players will control the boy as he sets out in search of his pet, and discovers that the world around him is a living illusion. By taking advantage of Alter World’s unique gameplay mechanism, players will be able to transition between different realities. There are eighty levels offered across ten different locations, brimming with challenging platforming action that will test even the hardcore gamer. Alter World has been successfully Greenlit on Steam, and is scheduled for release on May 15 for PC, Mac, and Linux. Those interested in learning more about the game can do so on Twitter and the official game website.


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