‘Amp, Watts & Circuit’ Are Zapping Their Way Out Of Work

Jamo Games have announced their debut title, a puzzle game called Amp, Watts & Circuit with a trailer which shows the first gameplay footage and it looks pretty smart.


There have been a couple of puzzle games of late that feature maneuvering two characters around in order to either unite them or to use their different abilities to remove obstacles and complete the puzzle. Amp, Watts and Circuit, as you can guess from the title, features three robot characters that must use their different abilities to figure their way out of the monotonous bore of a place they work in.


The announcement trailer in which you can see the three robots shows them plugging themselves in to various circuit boards at different times as to allow each other to advance through the puzzle board. One cannot help think that this would be a great supplement to those boring science lessons at school in which a teacher relentlessly attempts to explain how a circuit works. The color scheme in particular is very striking; more workplaces should be candy-colored! Amp, Watts and Circuit contains 50 puzzles and in each are three golden bolts to collect but their purpose is unknown, probably just an extra challenge for completionists.


Amp, Watts and Circuit is intended for release on PC but no release date has been formulated at this time. More information on Amp, Watts & Circuit can be found on the game’s official website.

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