Amphora, The Shadow Theater-Inspired Game, Gets Release Date

Norwegian game development studio, Moondrop, have announced the launch date for their upcoming “story based physics-puzzle” game, Amphora. You follow a nameless girl and her journey through intertwining tales. Though the narrative of Amphora is quite unclear right now, it’s apparent that the story unravels through the game’s puppet theater-like visuals, using only imagery to tell the tale, as opposed to dialogue.


The player controls an arm made of smoke that protrudes from an amphora – a ceramic pot commonly associated with ancient Greece. The arm allows you to manipulate the environment, and solve physics-based puzzles to create solutions for unconventional problems. Moondrop wanted to create a game that had mechanics that invoked players to think and solve problems creatively, opposed to mechanically.


Inspired by shadow theater, characters and set pieces are outlined in a silhouette, with their bodies formed out of abstract shapes and color, looking similar to stained glass art. Amphora looks more like an interactive puppet show then it does a game.


If all goes according to plan, Moondrop is scheduled to release Amphora on November 12th, on PC and Mac, for $13.99. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, so those who’d like to pick it up through the service can vote for it here. For the latest news and updates on Amphora, be sure to Like Moondrop on Facebook.

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