‘Anna’ Gets Physical With The Point And Click Genre

The Dreampainters have updated the progress on their rather peculiar yet stunning point and click adventure Anna with new screenshots and an explanation of the game’s mechanics.


Anna previously caught our eye with it’s rather impressive photo-realistic visuals, which are rendered in real time and entirely explorable. Not to mention that it’s a first person point and click adventure which considers the player’s behavior and alters their mental state and forks them towards one of three different endings. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game is it’s meshing of the first person perspective as we are familiar with using it and good old point and click mechanics.


Movement in Anna is controlled via the typical WASD set-up and the mouse is used to look around. As you make your way around the environments you will be able to pick up and otherwise interact with anything that looks as if you should be able to. This means that many different items can be combined and plenty of useless objects can be carried around in your inventory. Once you click on an object to interact with it, the game moves into point and click territory as a verb interface pops up: pick up, use and examine being the choices.


Doors and closets are opened by clicking, holding down the button and performing the required action with the mouse. “This has been done to increase the phisicity in the world and give a little more the sensation to be there”, it reads on the official blog.


Let’s move on to the screenshots then, which will impress you when you find out that the game is being made in the Unity Engine too – not to imply anything there of course. The first batch of screenshots displayed a picturesque impression of the exterior of a saw mill while this next batch step inside said saw mill where it’s dark and slightly creepy.


The Dreampainters tell us that the debut video of Anna will be posted on March 7th, we’ll make sure you know about it. Anna is to be a PC exclusive and no release date has been set quite yet. You can find out more information about Anna on the official website.

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