Apocalypse Cow – Parody Action Platforming

Apocalypse Cow is a game on the horizon by Monster Games LLC that is equal parts action-platforming that requires precision, and parody mash-up of both video games and movies. The game will also have lots of chaos and blood, and promises to be all that we will soon care about, all while taking our favorite movies and games and exploding them into a pool of comedy and blood.


Apocalypse Cow takes place in the future, where the creation of Anima has brought the video world to life and those with the proper genes can enter the worlds of video games and movies. So naturally, a form of authority to watch over these worlds is established, dubbed the “Somewhat Heroic Insiders Establishing Life’s Defense Department”, or simply SHIELDD for short. SHIELDD recruits the most skilled gamers, and the heroine of Apocalypse Cow, Penny, just so happens to be one of these recruited gamers. Her mission: Patrol older games as a low level agent, and ensure that the peace is kept.


Episode one of Apocalypse Cow will be available worldwide, for PC, early in the third-quarter of 2014. The game will also, as the press release has stated, come packed with “amazing features that will shock and yawn you,” such as “speech by real human people,” bosses of varying sizes, and, most importantly, “stuff.”


For more information on Monster Games LLC, and their other projects, be sure to check out their website.


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