April 2015 | Issue 48 Sneak Peek – Kiss the Girl

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea! This month, we go deep-sea diving in search of a little “mermaid” named Pisces. Unravel the secrets of Atlantis in The Lost Pisces, an Unreal Engine 4 epic in the making!

If you’re more into the gun-toting redheaded type, our in-depth feature about Dragon Fin Soup will warm you right up. But be warned: Red Robin ain’t your grandmother’s Little Red Riding Hood!

This month, we celebrate the start of Year Two for the Magazine since our 2014 relaunch. Since we’re committed to constantly improving the IGM experience, we decided to kick off Year Two with a blast: 3x the reviews of a normal-sized issue. That’s right, a whopping 12 reviews are featured this month. Since we won’t be permanently increasing the page count (yet!), this month serves as a special, over-sized issue to celebrate our anniversary. Stay tuned for the end of the month as well, because we’ll be capping off our anniversary with an equally exciting event! Alright, on to the sneak peek and a brief excerpt from this month’s must read Cover Story:


While much of the world and setting is forged from ancient cultures and religions, The Lost Pisces is a video game after all, and so there’s also a fair bit of fiction and fantasy thrown in for good measure. “We added a healthy dose of science fiction in our version, trading a literal mermaid for something of a sentient, aquatic machine (still a cute girl though) and toyed with the adventure a bit so that we’re fairly certain you’ll fall as deeply in love with our story as we have,” Rutkowski told me. “It should be noted that although the game has its action elements, this is really a psychological adventure. It explores scary ideas, but it’s a beautiful story too. It’s one which we want to haunt the gamer for a long time. It has a beginning, a middle, and a definite end – with no real room for a sequel – it’s a complete idea. An ode to our short time on earth, and what we choose to do with it. In the end, I hope it makes people imagine a bit further than they usually do… to ponder what we are, and what makes us human. It’s a lofty goal, but this story is so meaningful that I believe it can be accomplished.” With Sirenum so intensely focused on telling a singular narrative, unrestricted by the notion of holding something back for a follow up game, perhaps they truly can craft an unparalleled level of engagement between players and Pisces.


In order to establish any sort of emotional connection to Pisces, Sirenum must first create a scenario in which players are willing to open themselves up to the idea of connecting with her at all. To that end, it seems like the team will place gamers in a situation where allying with Pisces is mutually beneficial. An ‘uneasy alliance’ of sorts. At least at first, anyway. “Pisces is a curious girl who, while certainly determined, also doesn’t understand the world your character comes from. She’s entranced by you… but she doesn’t know you either. She’s shy, she’s careful, and like any other stranger, she’ll have to get to know you before opening up with any secrets she has.”


As always, below you’ll find this month’s cover, plus a breakdown of all the featured content this month.


Also Featured this Month: Dragon Fin Soup. If you’re looking for a Grimm take on classic fairy tales in video game form, up-and-coming studio Grimm Bros is just what the unlicensed doctor ordered. Join us as we take an in-depth look at what gamers can expect of this Kickstarter-funded tactical RPG set in a world of mystery and adult-themed mayhem. Plus, don’t miss our full-length interview with the team for a behind-the-scenes look at the development process.


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