Argentinian Adventure: ‘Reversion’ Translated To English

Argentinian developers, equipo de 3f interactivo, have now translated their freeware point and click adventure title, Reversion, into English. Of course, that means that we and the majority of you can now play the game and understand what is going on. Hurrah!


Reversion is a point and click adventure of three parts and its tale is one of time travel and military operations. The developers were keen to emphasise that this is very much a story driven games and as such didn’t divulge much of the plot. The did say the following though:


“You wake up in a hospital without any memories of who you are in the year 2035. You find out that the city of Buenos Aires has become isolated from the country (Argentina) and taken by a paramilitary force after a big explosion in the city.”


Intriguing, huh? Reversion is looking pretty great presentation wise too so once we can catch a spare couple of hours we’re going to jump right in and check it out. Right now the game is only on PC but there are plans to bring it to iPhone and Android in the future. The developers say they’ll be putting it up for crowdfunding too on Indie GoGo and (a Latin American crowdfunding site) so that they can keep the following episodes free for everyone to play.


You can download the first chapter of Reversion at the expense of just a Facebook like over on the official download page.


More information on Reversion can be found on the game’s official website.

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