Art Noir Interactive Graphic Novel ‘Reperfection’, A New Take On Adventure Games

This year really seems to be the year of point and click adventure games, with so many great titles being announced this year in the adventure game category it is becoming hard to distinguish between them.  Tinnitus Games, a German based Indie studio however have been developing a very engaging new adventure game that seems to really move into its own style.


Reperfection looks to be a fantastic new point and click adventure game set in a beautifully drawn graphic novel noir world. The artstyle is the attribute that really sucked me in, after just seeing one screenshot I was instantly drawn to this game.


I am really not a huge point and click guy, only really having played the original Sam and Max game and a few others from the 90′s but Reperfection jumped out at me. The story is solid and is about the tragic death of your wife, however after wishing you could change it the timeline is reset and the reaper spares her life, for a price of course. This time your wife is saved however it results in the tragic loss of your child.


Reprefection looks to be shaping up to contain a very interesting story, and being told in this interactive graphic novel setting is something you don’t see every day. I am very excited to see more gameplay footage from Tinnitus Games for the game, and have every expectation that it will turn out great. At time of writing no formal release date has been announced but I wait eagerly for more news on this matter.


Tinnitus Games are looking to take Reperfection onto Steam Greenlight so if you like what you see I encourage you strongly to vote for it here. Be sure to check out the official Tinnitus Games site for all the latest development information here.

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