August 2015 | Issue 52 Sneak Peek – Vive la Revolution

Another new month, another new issue of The Indie Game Magazine. Issue #52 has arrived, and we’re closing out the Summer and heading into the new school year with an act of both total defiance and rebellion! Our Cover Story this time around is Hover: Revolt of Gamers, the successfully crowdfunded project by Fusty Game. The French team has been hard at work for nearly a year now, crafting an experience that both pays homage to the unforgettable Jet Set Radio series while simultaneously aiming to innovate in the budding genre of parkour adventure games. If you’ve ever wanted to enter a comic book-esque world and grind across rooftops at break-neck speeds, this issue is for you.


Or perhaps you’re more of the thinking (wo)man’s gamer, reluctant to throw caution to the wind while rail-sliding in favor of slowing down the pace and thinking more critically. For those that would rather explore the world at a laid back pace, taking time to collect resources and craft their own materials, our Subfeature Creativerse should do the trick. Playful Corp. encourages gamers not to judge a voxel-based game by it’s Minecraft-influenced cover, as the team is aiming to create a vastly different experience that is molded by their Early Access players. We’ve got an in-depth interview with the team that should answer most questions.


Of course, we’ve also got all kinds of review and preview content this issue, including a special software review of RPGMaker 2013 (Eng. Version). That’s right, after more than a decade of waiting (or not, if you have a translated version) the RPGMaker team has officially released an English version of the mega-popular game-making tool. If all that doesn’t whet your appetite, perhaps this month’s Sneak Peek and Cover Story sampling will:


Hover describes itself as an “Open world, futuristic freerun/parkour game.” Over the course of this feature, we’ll discover just how fitting that description actually is. The general synopsis is that the game takes place on an alien planet in a city where video games, along with some other forms of interactive entertainment, have been banned by the Mayor. This leads to the formation of an underground resistance, spearheaded by gamers, who intend to end the tyranny and dethrone the Mayor. Beyond this, however, Fusty Game has made it clear they won’t be forcing the player to endure any cutscenes or heavy plot during the game, as Hover is mainly intended to emphasize gameplay and player choice over narrative.


Said gameplay will involve minor RPG mechanics mixed with first or third-person parkour platforming. The entire city is open and available from the start of the game, so players are free to explore the whole sandbox. As they do, players are free to participate in non-linear missions, spray their unique style of graffiti to make their mark, join various clans, and hop into real-time multiplayer events. Hover is designed to accommodate both solo play and multiplayer, though it sounds like the multiplayer will be where the title shines brightest.


Last, but not least, be sure to check out this issue’s Front Cover (click for full size) as well as the remaining August content below!


Also Featured this Month: Pigeon Hole Productions. IGM spoke with artist Trisha Williams about her studio’s unfortunately unsuccessful Kickstarter for PiranhaPocalypse, a spin-off game/web comic hybrid based on her popular web comic series, Gamer Girl Pinups. The interview delves into Trisha’s interesting backstory as an artist, and continues all the way down the timeline to a discussion about the future of interactive entertainment. Don’t miss it!


Reviewed this Month: Card Dungeon, Forest Warrior, Kholat, Lost Dimension, RPGMaker 2K3, Super Chibi Knight


Previewed this Month: Age of Decadence, Avenging Angel, Soul Axiom, UnderEarth


Extended Previews this Month: ARK: Survival Evolved, Bierzerkers, Doom & Destiny Advanced, Out of Reach


Indie Ads this month: RETRO Magazine


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