Avalon Celebrates 26 Years with Updated Features

It may be hard to believe, but Avalon is a 26-year-old text-based RPG that’s been thriving through various internet channels since 1989. In some ways, it’s an MMO – thousands of players are pitted against each other in individual battles that can shape the landscape and lore of the entire game; unlike most larger-scale modern MMOs, the world of Avalon, along with its story, was all created by players in the first place.


To celebrate the 26-year milestone, MeetPlace has revamped their website, system, and even their player model, in anticipation of switching to a free-to-play module in the near future. Like with many tapletop RPGs, players begin with a set of attributes that are equal, but character growth is only limited by the player’s imaginations (as well as how they interact with others in-game). 9 player classes combine with over 2000 abilities and 50 skills to create a world where nearly anything can happen. In addition to its large following, Avalon boasts its own player-driven economy system, dependent on the events that are set in motion by gameplay. Its four major cities contain governments run by players, with monarchy and public officials running things as smoothly as they can.


Well-known and successful alumni of the game include Andrew Johnson, a blind USA Paralympian who holds the distinction of being the best player on Avalon at the moment, indicating that the game is also doing well on the accessibility front. Those interested in reading more can visit Avalon‘s Facebook, or follow the London-based team on Twitter.

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