‘Axle’ – A Traditional Platformer With A Circular Twist

For those looking for a traditional platformer that just does something different, you may be in for a treat. Axle is a game being developed by Fallstreak Studios, who have already won 1st place at the IEEE Gamesig Intercollegiate showcase where they debuted Axle. Now the game has landed on Kickstarter where you can secure your copy and grab some extra swag.


Axle takes place during World War II in a circular world of gears. You play as Axle, a young gear invented by a kind toy-maker for the purpose of fixing toys around his shop. Along the way, Axle will find himself running into people and gears who want to use him for their own selfish needs, it will be up to you and Axle to figure out where he truly belongs.


The player will rotate Axle clockwise and counter-clockwise around the various gears in the world. These gears have different levels of interactivity. Some levels will drop you inside a factory where you have to worry about steam damage while another takes place inside a grandfather clock in which you must dodge the pendulum.


You can see more on Axle via its Kickstarter page. It has 14 days to go and they’re closing in on their $15,000 goal to get an Android version to market. To keep up with Axle be sure to follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

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