‘Be Mine’ Bundle Offers Sneak Peek At Incentive Extras

The Be Mine Bundle isn’t due to go live until February 14th but the organizers are driving our interest with their incentives deals that become active once certain goals are reached.


We spotted the Be Mine Bundle just the other day when it was teasing its contents, which we’re pretty sure we got right – so we have a very good idea of what the 5 core games are going to be.


However, the incentives are remaining a whole lot more mysterious but we can confirm that there will be three group goals for us all to aim for with incentive extras attached. These goals will more than likely be selling a certain amount of bundles, unless the organizers have something a little more original planned.


The first incentive extra, aptly named the Game Madness Incentive, includes a bonus game which is teased in the trailer below, we’re very sure that this is Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals. Aha! That’s one mystery solved then. Alongside this comes 3 “soon to be released” DLC for one of the games in the bundle – we are not sure which one that may be.


The next incentive extra called the Music Madness Incentive comes with two never before released soundtracks from the bundle games and exclusive unreleased music from three indie artists. So yeah, no clues on any of them either unfortunately.


Lastly we have the Mystery Madness Incentive and the only clues as to what that is, is fish. Yup, fish. That’s it.


So the Be Mine Bundle launches on February 14th and will run for two weeks. You can look out for it on the official website.

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