Be the “Hero” you were Written to be in Typoman

Brainseed Factory presents Typoman – a 2D puzzle platformer in a world constructed of letters and words. The game is set in a desolate junkyard-like world, where letters are shoveled and piled upon one another like rubble. Players begin as the letter O – as they roll around the mysterious unexplained world, and come across other lonesome letters. For every letter you come across, you gain a new attribute. First an E, that’ll give you a spring-like hop, then an H, representing legs that will allow you to run and jump. Then finally an R, which will act as an arm (and what do those letters spell? Yuck yuck).


You’ll solve puzzles using literal clues, spelled out in the environment, like grabbing onto an O and dragging it next to an N, spelling ‘ON’, thus activating a platform compiled of letters literally spelling ‘PLATFORM.’


Typoman has a vague, ambiguous beginning with no clear narrative, similar to Limbo in that regard, which also could have had direct inspiration on Typoman’s art style as well – with silhouetted, stark terrain and platforms, and sepia-toned layered backgrounds; Typoman is a moody, yet beautiful game to look at.


Brainseed Factory has not disclosed much information on Typoman, but it’s simple surreal premise is enough to captivate us for the short term. You can follow the game on Twitter and like the Facebook page to stay up to date on this intriguing project.

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