Be Water, My Friend: ‘Walter’ Debut Trailer Gets Us Dripping

Water isn’t cute. It’s probably one of the most un-cute things in the world. You can drown in it. Slap some goggly eyes on it, however, and you’ve got something almost unbearably cute. A little watery friend for you that has no fear; find an obstacle that he can’t find a way around. As Bruce Lee once referred to, water can take any shape and can transfer between three forms of matter – it’s the ultimate…thing!


If you haven’t yet realised how crazy water is, then Blossom Minds’ Walter will help you out with that. The titular watery bundle of joy is under your command as he takes on a wretched oil company. The result is a platformer with a lot going for it. No obstacle is a match for a creature that can be gaseous, liquid and solid if the circumstance is right – how you going to defeat that?! Possibly through diffusion, actually. But who would be so cruel to something so cute?


Walter is due for a release in 2013 on PSN, XBLA and Steam so there’s no use in getting too pumped up about it right now. However, you should most certainly watch the trailer and make “d’awww” sounds at your monitor before getting a little plastic bag, a pair of googly eyes and a tap and making your own Walter toy. Hey, maybe we should sell them as unofficial merchandise… Well if you want the official stuff, you should head over to the Blossom Minds website.


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