Become The Ultimate Bridge Master In ‘Bridge Project’

We drive over them every day, looking out to the world below in wonder at how high we are off the ground. Whilst shouting wildly at the traffic ahead since you’re late for work by at least an hour. Yes for many of us the humble bridge plays a big part in our lives, but have you ever thought about building one yourself? And if you have, would it actually work?


You’ll be able to answer both of those questions via the new bridge building simulator Bridge Project by Chronic Logic, coming to PC. To be honest I’ve never actually asked that question myself, but considering this is like a virtual LEGO like playground (just with real materials and not coloured bricks) maybe I will!


There’s a whole range of different bridge types to challenge yourself to build. Constrained by various factors such as the type of canyon you will be building over, or how busy the area you’re building in may be. Of course no bridge can be created without steel, bricks, or wood which are the bread and butter of bridge construction and are of course included in Bridge Project.


The aim of the game may be simple but it isn’t entirely that easy. For starters you’ll have to build this with the real world physics in mind, no elaborate creations here. The choice in material can affect stability and strength, which when tested will determine what kind of result you’ll get from your creation.


Tests can make use of various vehicle or large trucks to drive over at a high rate. Just be aware that strong weather conditions can strike at the bridge with haste causing additional complications.


There’s a number of different game modes too. Such as the option of choosing a simple or expert setting and challenges to really test your building prowess. The results you get will then be ranked and compared to other bridge builders around the world, so you’d better put in the hard yards if you’re going to be the best and win some of the in-game competitions.


You can purchase Bridge Project directly from Chronic Logic via the official website, where you can also find a free demo to download and find out more about the game itself.

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