BonVoyage! A True Brain Workout

BonVoyage! is a new puzzle game in town revolving around tile dragging and path reconstruction. Have you ever played with those childhood toy puzzles with reconstructing the image by tile dragging with only one space free? That was the core inspiration for this little relaxing cartoonish game.

On top of that few gameplay variations have been added to the mix so you are always faced with new challenges. Being it missing tiles so you have to cleverly reuse some of the existing ones, tiles moving in a mirrored way, multiple potential starts/finishes where not all have a solution, locked tiles that require reaching first the key, all this and different combinations make for a new experience each time. Engage in a beautiful cartoonish style, collect achievements and beat the best scores. Help lost heroes find their way home!


Key features:

  • Challenging campaign with 70+ levels
  • Level generator for endless replayability
  • Collect achievements
  • Beat others in leaderboards
  • Timer mode
  • Hard mode


Game is released on Steam (PC / Mac / Linux) on the 20th of June and scheduled to arrive to mobile platforms (iOS / Android) later this summer so you can pass some time during your commute! Any contemporary computer should be fine as the HW requirements are really low and the gameplay is not intense or FPS bound so don’t be afraid to try it and have a nice and relaxing experience!


Reconstructing the paths to help lost knights reach the finish in each level is the main goal. There are frequently various ways how to reach that goal so it’s up to you, the fewer moves, the better. You can compare your results with others in leaderboards or concentrate on unlocking all the achievements. But most importantly have fun! Campaign slowly introduces new gameplay mechanics and using the integrated tutorial system explains the basics. Later on, the difficulty is increasing to challenge you on your to beat the game!

Too easy? Turn on the timer mode or hide path helpers to make it harder, there is something for everyone. Doing this allows you to collect additional badges and move up the leaderboards.

Feeling stuck?

  • Each level summarizes used mechanics in the Settings menu
  • All tutorials can be found at one place under Levels tab
  • There are always 5 unlocked unfinished levels so try a different one and come back later!

Additionally, the game is going to be expanded with multiple free level pack updates making overall level count even higher!


Furthermore, try random level generator (Randomizer) for a change of pace. Each reloads will create a new random level, you can choose from a few settings at the beginning to affect the resulting shuffle.


Game is a successor to an award-winning Car Puzzler (Best Mobile Game 2018 in Slovakia, released on Steam / Google Play / App Store). Both games were developed by a solo game developer Boris Zapotocky, who after spending many years in AAA game industry (participated on games like Mafia 2 or lately Kingdom Come: Deliverance) decided to try indie path and has created both these games in his free time, during weekends and in the evenings (as he has 2 small children and spare time is scarce). BonVoyage! development was partially funded by Slovak Arts Council.

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