Brace Yourselves: ‘Be Mine Bundle 2′ Announced, Guess The Contents

It’s back…again! The Be Mine Bundle 2 has been announced so it’s time to guess what games may be in this forthcoming indie game deal.


Hopefully we won’t have all of the hiccups that the first Be Mine Bundle caused with this sequel bundle. As was the same with the other one, a trailer has been released announcing it and what it will contain. It seems the Be Mine Bundle 2 will be linked with Feed Them With Music charity this time around, which is presumably getting a cut of the money from this and probably the supplying the music that will be given away when a certain amount of donations are received.


You’ll get six games with this one, initially at least, which all come with Steam keys. There’ll also be four bonus levels that, if it works like the original bundle, will be unlocked when certain donation targets are reached. The trailer is below and if you want to know what games are being teased as part of the bundle just scroll down a little further.


So, did you work out which games it was? Well, we have the list right here for your convenience:



Look out for more information on the Be Mine Bundle 2 over on the official website.

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