Bravada, Cheerful Turn Based Adventure Coming May 14

Bravada is a cheerful adventure game featuring a fresh, dynamic, turn-based system. It follows the journey of a young dwarf that has no beard, but is nonetheless filled with bravery and dreams of adventures and heroic deeds. No dwarf wants to be beardless, so our hero sets off on a journey to find himself one.


During gameplay, a group of units are controlled, each with their own specialties and features. Gaining levels also leads to units transforming into other forms of the player’s choice, and while combat is turn-based – thanks to a clever control system – it is very fast paced. The game features hundreds of units to be used in battle, including the recruiting of foes. With RPG-elements to help craft the perfect team and a humorous plot to push players along, Bravada sounds like it will provide a fun time while searching for facial hair.


Interbellum Team’s lighthearted adventure will be available on May 14 for PC, Mac, and Linux. A playable demo of the game can be found on their website, here. Pre-orders are being accepted for the game at its official website, as well as through Desura. Those that would like to help the game receive a Steam Greenlight can pay their page a visit.

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