Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons Ventures to New Generation Platforms This Summer

Since the Autumn of 2013, gamers have enjoyed the saga of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The epic adventure was directed by Swedish visionary Josef Fares, developed by Starbreeze Studios, and published by 505 Games. The eponymous siblings undertake a quest to retrieve the Water of Life, a magic elixir which is the only hope they have of saving their dying father. The story combines co-op gaming with a single-player focus, as the player takes on the role of both brothers simultaneously; they must be employed together to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, climb mountains, and succeed in boss battles. The game has been praised by both critics and gamers for its engaging (and yet wordless) story, lavish graphics, and satisfying puzzles.


Up to this point,  Brothers has been available only on certain platforms. Console gamers who use PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 have been able to access it, and PC gamers can find it through Steam; it requires a controller and can be played in the player’s choice of nine different languages. But starting this Summer, the game will be open to gamers on a variety of platforms. Console players will have their chance to meet the brothers and guide them across the perilous landscape when the “unforgettable narrative” comes to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even those who have already completed the adventure may wish to experience the new release, as it comes with a host of new goodies for players to enjoy including director’s commentary, the full soundtrack, and a gallery of concept art.


Mobile gamers should take note as well, as the developers have not forgotten them. In their quest to bring Brothers to as many players as possible, the team behind the game is also working to port it to mobile devices. Whether a player prefers iOS devices, Android, or Windows Phone, all will have an equal opportunity to take part in the brothers’ daring quest when the game is launched on mobile this coming Holiday season.


Brothers has its own official Facebook and Twitter. News about the official launch dates can be found by following 505 Games on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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