Cannon Brawl Preview – Worms meets Real Time Strategy

Cannon Brawl is a 2D real time strategy game currently in development for Xbox and PC.  The game features destructible terrain and firing mechanics similar to Worms, but is also all about building towers and expanding your influence around each stage.  The player controls a blimp that handles controlling and commanding the field.  Fly your airship over to your HQ and you’ll be able to select turrets, shields and other towers to build.  When the towers are complete, you can pick them up and fly them to any buildable location within your ‘Sphere of Influence’ – represented by a subtle colored bubble that matches your team.


Cannon Brawl is all about your airship; it’s your general.  Not only does it build and delivery structures, but you also use your blimp to enter both offensive and defensive turrets. Enter a cannon with your airship, then aim and fire Worms-style.  Enter a defensive turret, and use your sticks to direct your protective shields.  You’ll also use your airship to upgrade and repair units – all while cannonballs, lasers, and nukes are flying around.


The best thing about Cannon Brawl is the pace of the match.  When you start off, you’ll actually wait a little bit as you take on each task one at a time.  You’ll build some turrets, place them, and take a shot at your opponent every once and awhile.  As more units are placed on the field, the decisions and tasks that you have quickly multiply and things become hectic really quickly.  It’s one of the more manic RTS games that I’ve played.  The simplified units and action oriented gameplay should draw in gamers that don’t traditionally like the strategy genre – while strategy fans may not like the fast pace of Cannon Brawl’s matches.


Cannon Brawl is very polished with bright colorful graphics and dynamic battle music.  Upon completion the game will feature over 6 different airships, a single player campaign, local and online multiplayer.


Stay up to date on Cannon Brawl, by checking out the game’s official website.


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