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IndieCade At E3: A Quick Look At All 20 Games On Show

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Sky Delivery – A Fantastic Indie Game

The mobile game Sky Delivery is a fantastic family-friendly arcade game. The main goal is to deliver packages from the sky. Your goal is to protect your package from the moment you drop it, to the moment it lands on the target. A great game for ...

Nintendo Indie World Featured Tons of New Games Coming to the Switch

The Nintendo Indie World presentation only lasted for about 20 minutes or so but that was enough to get us pumped up for the future of the Switch. The company revealed dozens of new upcoming titles for the console. Most of them will launch later in ...

The Best Indie Games in 2019

The best indie games of today are often comparable to big-budget projects developed by large companies. That is because these types of games have come a very long way over the past decade. Nowadays, they’re much more than obscure one-man projects ...

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