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The mobile game Sky Delivery is a fantastic family-friendly arcade game. The main goal is to deliver packages from the sky. Your goal is to protect your package from the moment you drop it, to the moment it lands on the target. A great game for everyone from kids to grown-ups! You will be surprised by the intuitive gameplay and the cool graphics. The main idea of this game is really simple. And yet, the resulted game is actually fun to play and challenging. Besides, this game doesn’t require Wi-Fi. This makes it even more ideal for relaxing anywhere at any time.


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In this terrific 2D mobile game, you will have to deliver several packages from the sky. Your plane flies through pleasant landscapes during the gameplay. Your role is to tap on the screen to drop your package above the target. When the package is launched, it is assaulted by obstacles that are threatening to smash it. From bowling balls to cactus plants, those obstacles are coming from many directions! Avoid being smashed by tapping on them. It will make them fall and let you earn coins! But be careful, you must not forget to launch the parachute in time. Too early, and the package is blown up by the wind and flies away, and too late, it crashes on the ground… Throw, protect and launch the parachute, three rules that define the game Sky Delivery!

When you finally succeed in this crazy delivery, you’ll earn coins and before you have time to rest, you will already be on the next delivery. The game is challenging, but just enough in order to be fun! All of this makes the game interesting and perfect for playing on the bus or every time you want to relax.


Sky Delivery is structured by levels and worlds. In each level, there are from three to nine sky deliveries. Regarding the number of good deliveries achieved, the player can win up to three stars. If at least one star is collected the next level is unlocked. Besides, the stars let you unlock exclusive new worlds. Each world contains 15 increasingly challenging levels. You don’t have to unlock all the levels to get to the next world. This way you can unlock new worlds and then come back later to previous ones in order to win more stars.


You will earn plenty of coins throughout the game. They will let you unlock different items in the store. Firstly you will be able to purchase exclusive new planes with your coins! Besides their great design, the planes will let you earn more coins with a plane bonus. Moreover, you can purchase new packages. Finally, unlock different worlds throughout the game and become an expert at sky deliveries!

To keep track of your progression, you will be able to access your stats. This includes the percentage of levels you have unlocked and the planes you have purchased!

About the Developers:

The mobile game Sky Delivery was also made special by its developers. Indeed, it was designed by two teenagers, fourteen and nineteen years old. Under the name of A&M studios, they have worked on this project for eight months. They have both put their personality in this game and have built this game from scratch including the music and the game designs. They’ve proven successful in getting an incredible and smooth player experience that makes their game unique.

With great features and original gameplay, Sky Delivery is the perfect game to have some fun and relax!

Get The Game:

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