Larva Mortus Review

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‘Super Splatters’ Review – Goo Gone Wild!

Super Splatters, the “super upgraded version” of SpikySnail Games’s original XBLA release Splatters, is a mad concoction of a game that feels like the escaped results of a gene-splicing experiment gone wrong – or, perhaps, very, very right. This ...

Fran Bow Review: Your Tears Are Absolutely Delicious

A little girl witnesses the grisly murder of her parents and is summarily institutionalized. The only thing she wants is to escape so that she can find her cat, Mr. Midnight, and they can both go home. KillMonday Games has been working on Fran ...

IGM’s Extended Halloween Preview of The Intruder

A few weeks back, I was running around EGX like a headless chicken (with a notepad). One of the games I was searching for was The Intruder, a first-person survival horror game where you control an unknown protagonist as they prepare themselves for ...

Nevermind Review: A Truly Immersive, Thoughtful, Psychological Experience

Ever since the Kickstarter was announced almost exactly a year ago, I’ve been chomping at the bit to try Nevermind, the psychological horror title released by Flying Mollusk on September 29. The delay in writing this review was due to my being able ...

‘Fly’n’ Preview – Being Green Has Never Been This Much Fun

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Tobe’s Vertical Adventure Review

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Ruins Review

  ‘Ruins‘ is unlike any game I’ve played before. Developed by Cardboard Computer, ’Ruins’ sees you controlling a dog chasing rabbits through a shadowy, dreamlike landscape.   The game utilizes simple game play mechanics that ...

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