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Ruins‘ is unlike any game I’ve played before. Developed by Cardboard Computer, ’Ruins’ sees you controlling a dog chasing rabbits through a shadowy, dreamlike landscape.


The game utilizes simple game play mechanics that sees you only needing to use a keyboard to control where the dog walks and to just simply listen and answer. Although the landscape is quite limited in size and contains a number of places that may require more than one visit it is still a fascinating world to explore. It may not sound like much but each time you do catch a rabbit you are confronted with an emotional segment of a story that is placed through out the game in a non-linear structure.


While it is not possible to hear the complete story in one single play-through, which usually lasts around 30 minutes. ‘Ruins’ is a game that you will draw you back in more than once not just because you want to here the complete story but because the background piano music and visuals alone are completely stunning.


‘Ruins’ is not a game you can put a score on, simply put it this way if you are looking for a unique title that both provokes your thoughts and gives you a story unique to games then I highly recommend you check out Ruins, which is free to play for both PC and Mac.

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