‘Cave Story’ Developer Has Two Titles Coming To 3DS This Year

Developer Daisuke Amaya, “Pixel”, best known for his 2009 freeware title Cave Story, is getting two of his freeware games ported for use on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, with the porting being handled by Nicalis.

Both Ikachan and Guxt will see eShop releases within the first quarter of 2013.

Ikachan is a freeware PC game originally released in June of 2000. In the game, players control a squid named Ikachan, and are tasked with swimming through and exploring underwater caverns, helping the creatures encountered. Ikachan features some RPG elements, Ikachan can be leveled up and equip new abilities, but the majority of the game plays like a platformer. The freeware version is available to download, for free, from the unofficial Cave Story website.

Guxt is a vertical-shooter with five levels that originally released in 2007. Amaya published a pretty extensive “making-of” for Guxt, which can be found translated, here. The freeware version of Guxt can be downloaded from the unofficial Cave Story website, as well.

Nicalis is no stranger to porting Amaya’s games to Nintendo systems. In 2010, Nicalis ported Cave Story for the Wii and DSi. Then, in 2011, Nicalis had their hands in a 3D version of Cave Story, entitled Cave Story 3D, which released in 2011 in North America and Europe, and then in 2012 for Japan.

Look for Ikachan and Guxt in the Nintendo eShop sometime during the first quarter of 2013.

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