Chivalry 2 Brings Even Bloodier Medieval Combat than Its Predecessor – E3 2019

There were many great announcements at E3 2019 but one unveiling you might have missed was that of Chivalry 2. The title was revealed during the PC Gaming Show and looked absolutely brutal. The successor to 2012’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Chivalry 2 will take first-person melee combat to the next level when it launches next year.

Torn Banner Studios, the developers of the first installment, teamed up with Tripwire Interactive for this upcoming sequel. Tripwire is technically an indie studio but has a very good track record and launched plenty of great games since its inception back in 2005. A few notable examples include Killing Floor and the Rising Storm franchise. The developer is currently also working on a different title known as Maneater.

A More Epic and Cinematic Experience

Video Source: YouTube/Tripwire Interactive

Chivalry: Medieval Combat was a genre-defining multiplayer slasher and the sequel wants to pick up where the original left off. This time around, we can expect massive 64-player battles that will feel just like an epic medieval movie. Chivalry 2 brings back the popular Team Objective game mode which brings a sense of storytelling to the multiplayer.

Winning a game of Chivalry 2 is not as easy as simply beating up all enemy players. Though that certainly does help. However, the game also features a strategic element, so capturing various key objectives is just as important.

The developers focused even more on the cinematic aspect in order to make players feel like they’re fighting an actual battle. In addition to being a foot soldier, Chivalry 2 also lets to ride into combat on horseback. Castle sieges are a thing as well. Needless to say, the improved graphics and audio effects also help a lot to intensify the cinematic experience.

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Chivalry 2 Adds a Revamped Combat System

Combat is the bread and butter of any medieval-themed video game. Chivalry 2 is no exception. The developers learned a great deal from their experience with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. As a result, they were able to further improve upon the combat system found in the original. The new combat system introduced in Chivalry 2 will be a lot more fluid than before. Thus, giving players the chance to develop brand new techniques and playstyles.

According to Torn Banner Studios, most of the combat systems were redesigned from the ground up for Chivalry 2. This includes the animations, movement system, physics engine, and more. The devs didn’t talk too much about new items just yet but we can probably expect quite a few of those as well. After all, one of the most appealing aspects of medieval games is the wide variety of weapons and armors inspired by that era.

Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Interactive didn’t give a specific release date for Chivalry 2 just yet. However, they did say we can expect to be able to get our hands on it sometime during 2020. Just like its predecessor, the game will only be available on PC. Unlike Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, though, the upcoming title is not coming to Steam and will instead be an Epic Games Store exclusive. If you want to stay up to date with the game make sure to visit the official website.

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