‘Clean ‘Em Up’ A Fast Paced Colourful Computer Shooter

Released back in June of this year, Clean ‘Em Up is a fast paced, top down shooter for the PC, not unlike the variety of other arcade shooters currently available, but it has a setting that sets it apart from the competition. In Clean ‘Em Up, you get to experience the normally mundane battle between viruses and antivirus programs in an action packed, neon world.


The main goal of Clean ‘Em Up makes the game intriguing (and will resonate well with fans of Tron), putting you in the place of an antivirus program who needs to protect the computer it resides on, destroying viruses and saving files from decryption along the way. Its nostalgic arcade shooter gameplay style, paired with stylized, neon graphics and an interesting setting make this game worth spending at least a little time with, and when you take into account that this is the first commercial game from developer Omidos Entertainment (an indie dev from Egypt), it makes the experience all the more grand.


Fans of top down arcade shooters, or any form of highly polished games should definitely take a look at Clean ‘Em Up. Clean ‘Em Up is available for $3.99 from Desura, as well as part of the Neon-SHMUP bundle(with games Koya Rift and P3-Biotic). If you like Clean ‘Em Up, make sure to support the game’s page on Steam Greenlight. And make sure to follow the dev on Twitter (@Amidos2006) for future news about the game, or to check out the official website for details. More info about the developer can be found at their official website, or by following them on Twitter (@OmidosGames).

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