Color You Interested: ‘Spectrum’ Developer Walkthrough

Andrew Abedian talks us through the design process of his upcoming abstract, first person puzzle game, Spectrum.


More and more we see abstract first person puzzlers popping up and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you can have too much of a good thing. The reason, perhaps, for the ever-growing number of these puzzle games is a keen interest in level design. Spectrum, for instance, is designed by Andrew Abedian who is currently studying for a Bachelors of Science in Game Art and Design, with aspirations of becoming a game designer. The blank canvas and capacity to experiment with the player and physics in a first person puzzle game is certainly right up his street then, as is the case with many upcoming game designers it seems.


Let’s have a look at Spectrum though – this is a game that focuses on mechanics based around color. The game is level-based and boasts a clean cut and fairly distinctive look. The game is in its early stages but the two designers working on it, Andrew and Stuart Webster, are piecing together simple puzzles that gradually get more and more complex as more colors are added. Little else is known about the game at this stage but Andrew has uploaded a video to explain the game in greater detail. It’s probably best you listen to him who can undoubtedly give you a better idea of the game and where he’s going with it.


More information on Spectrum can be found on the developer’s websites – Bad Level and I Make The Games.

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