Courier of the Crypts – Delivering Packages to the Dead & Trying Not to Join Them

How often is your light a constant companion in games? It’s something I often take for granted, until games like Shadowgate, Doom 3, or Dragon Warrior show me just how important it is to carry some kind of flashlight or torch when you’re deep inside some dark place. It’s scary business to have monsters snuffling around your feet without a light, which would make it hard to deliver the mail to folks in Emberheart Games’ Courier of the Crypts.


Finishing those deliveries may be a bit rough from what the game’s trailer is showing. The various mummies, insects, knights, and other creepy creatures don’t seem very interested in letting you do your job. I’d hate for anything to happen to the adorable-looking delivery guy, but luckily the torch can be weaponized to fling fireballs at the various enemies lurking in the thirty dungeon-crawling maps the developer is promising for the game’s release. I’m wondering if using the torch to throw fire is a wise idea, though, as keeping the torch lit is part of staying alive. The developer only offers the cryptic “…the torch needs to feed otherwise its flame will vanish and you may get lost forever.” as advice on how to stay alive. Do you need to keep finding fuel? Kill monsters? What does the torch need? Given that it’s the player’s only light source, the torch’s needs will likely become an extremely important mechanic as the player moves deeper underground.

With its wonderful lighting effects and haunting music, it seems almost hard to believe that Emberheart Games is only one person. Primoz Vovk is the sole developer for Courier of the Crypts, having been working on the game for some time. It’s really taking shape, and with the promise of Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns on the way, players may find themselves delivering mail to the dead pretty soon.

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