Creating A Monster: ’99 Levels To Hell’ Level Editor Showcased

Last week, we took our first look at Zaxis Games’ 99 Levels To Hell, a punchy, vibrant-looking take on the side-scrolling platformer genre. Now, with the development appearing to be running smoothly, the developers have treated us to an inside look into how the game’s 100+ levels are meticulously crafted using its in-game level editor. The new video footage, clocking in at just over a minute long, also gives viewers a brief first look at one of 99 Levels To Hell‘s most widely touted feature – the portals.


From the looks of things, these portals are far from arbitrary gimmicks implemented simply to latch onto a readily-established marquee of the gaming industry. On the contrary, it’s evident that Zaxis is making a concerted effort to ensure that they’ll form an integral strategic element of the subtle ways in which the gameplay unfolds, forcing players to think laterally before launching themselves into pastures hitherto unknown. In other words, look before you leap, children.


The game’s ongoing process can be monitored on its Blogspot page. Apparently, the game’s shop system will be the next item of focus for the Zaxis team, and you can bet that we’ll be intrigued to find out exactly how that ultimately shapes up as a vital component of what we’re hoping will be a much bigger picture.

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