Crumbling World: A Dark Fantasy Lowpoly Action RPG

Crumbling World is a dark fantasy action RPG that pays homage to classic games such as Diablo, Ghouls’n’Ghosts, and Prince of Persia. With an exciting combination of low-poly graphics and engaging quests, Crumbling World combines the best aspects of action and role-playing games in a unique world that is continuously shifting beneath the feet of players.

Set in a medieval world that is near damnation, players must navigate a consistently crumbling game environment, all while driving back countless lost souls who have been taken over by the Evil Forces. As a story-driven game with unexpected twists, this game tasks players with the responsibility of saving the World… and themselves.


Crumbling World  boasts a number of innovative features, including:

Procedurally generated gameplay that includes over 30 exciting levels

  • Five dynamic character types with seven unique character options
  • Real-time combat that is as thrilling as it is engaging
  • Over 40 different enemy types that seek to help the Evil Forces prevail
  • Three different game modes (easy, normal, and hardcore) help keep gameplay fresh for endless hours of fun

Interesting Things


In addition to some great features, there are a couple of exciting things that make Crumbling World a special game:

  • Numerous different characters with varying skillsets and attack mechanics
  • The ability to unlock more powerful Special Attacks as players gain experience
  • Five breathtaking regions made up of diverse landscapes and enemy characters
  • Normal, Unique, and Boss enemies, which drive players to sharpen their attacks
  • Story-based quests and missions that are as interesting as they are enjoyable
  • Upgradable characters which allow for unique player dynamics

What Type of Game

Crumbling World is a distinctly unique action RPG that combines classic platformer ingredients from Prince of Persia with RPG and slash & hack components from timeless games such as Diablo and Ghouls’n’Ghosts.

Game For Which Platforms And Release Date, Etc

Crumbling World is slated to release for PC and Mac platforms in the 4th Quarter of 2019. Long term, expect to see Crumbling World on your favorite consoles around the start of 2020.

Get the more info and game on steam.

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