Dandy the Candy Alchemist Seeking Action-loving Sweet Tooths

Do you like Candy? Do you like Alchemy? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then Wefiends has just what the Doctor ordered. They have recently launched a pretty sweet Kickstarter campaign for their exotic 2D shoot ’em up adventure: Dandy, or A Brief Glimpse into the life of the Candy Alchemist. 


You play as Dandy, the very last remaining candy alchemist, who accidentally became trapped within an ancient realm after searching for one too many candy ingredients. In dangerous places, no less. Now the only way out is for him to transform that candy into weapons and power-ups, and blast his way through hordes of strange magical beasts.


Dandy also has some neat pre-Alpha gameplay footage available which takes you through the colorfully designed tutorials, and reveals that the game is more about learning how enemies behave rather than just simply dodging or mindlessly shooting them, which comes as a refreshing change.


At the time of this article, Dandy has raised $1,436 of its Kickstarter goal. It is expected for release on PC, Mac and Linux, and both iOS and Android systems. In the meantime you can follow Wefiends on Twitter for the latest saccharine updates. And remember, the greatest secrets are kept in dangerous places.


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