Dante Go Down There: ’99 Levels To Hell’ New Playable Build

Zaxis Games has released version 0.0.2 of 99 Levels To Hell which is very playable even in this early state – dungeon crawler fans, this is worth a try.


Dungeon crawlers may not be the most obscure type of game, in fact there’s quite a few of them around nowadays, but 99 Levels To Hell certainly garnered our attention and is continuing to do so. With top hat and giant moustache ready, the main character in the game awaits you to take control of him to shoot and dig his way out of the decrepit buried mansion he finds himself trapped. Why go down? Well, unfortunately for this gentleman the only way out is through hell – that’s got to suck.


Luckily, the game itself doesn’t suck and after having a quick playthrough of this 10 level build, I found myself quite fond of the game’s quirky nature. With a mouse controlled sidescrolling shooter outset, combined with a dungeon crawler with roguelike elements – I could certainly see myself putting some decent hours into the game over its development. Bats, rats and more obscure creatures appear as you travel on down, shooting through the dirt like many a Minecraft venture and using bombs sparingly to grab the key vital to proceed to the next level. Your gun can also be used to shoot barrels and chests to collect gold which you can spend on items in the store.


One thing that stands out in the game is the atmosphere which still needs some work but definitely has the footholds established. This is achieved through the game’s lighting which keeps you in the dark about what’s up ahead but still highlights parts of the level for visual splendour. On top of that, the music and various sounds are not too creepy but certainly weird enough to throw you off at times with the odd “am I hearing things” thought going through my mind.


Well anyway, I implore you to try it out yourself, it’s a free download of course and can be grabbed with this link.


More information on 99 Levels To Hell can be found on the game’s official website.

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