Deity Quest, Become an Overgod

Fancy Fish Games’ most recent title, Deity Quest, is now available for those that want to live life like a god. Taking inspiration from Pokemon and dungeon crawlers, and featuring RPG-like story progression, Deity Quest sounds to be a deific good time.


Players take control of a young, ambitious god with the goal of gaining followers, building up power, and becoming the Overgod of Aberos, the world in which you are assigned. Journeying with followers in tow, facing off in 6 vs. 6 battles, and competing against other deities are some of the godly exploits players will find themselves in. Convert enemies into followers, race your rival, and even solve a murder mystery in the game’s eight-part story.


Tackling quests and traversing randomly generated dungeons all while earning new followers, and supporting those that already do follow you, are normal events in the life of a god. Battles feature a strategic edge as players do not control the six followers that fight in their name, instead providing support and helping each use their individual skills to their full potential. With 128 unique follower types, one can easily craft a following suited to their needs.


Deity Quest is available now for Android, PC, Mac, and Linux. It can be purchased, DRM-free, from the game’s website, which can be found here. The main game is priced at $10, and an extended version can be purchased for $15, which comes packed with additional features, including multiplayer battles and trading.


Distribution will extend to Desura on May 11th, and to IndieGameStand on June 4th. Those interested in helping Deity Quest become available on Steam, can check out its Greenlight page here.

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