Dev Links: An Argument Of Witches

Several of today’s Developer Links talk about going without.  Games without violence; multiplayer games without requiring both players to be playing at once; how to run a studio without everyone being in the same place, or even the same country.  Of course, that’s not all, so if you don’t check out these links you’re going without a lot of useful information.

Let’s Try No Violence (Mommy’s Best Devlog)
“Thought experiment: What could we end up as an industry if for the next 5 years, no games with physical violence were made? What would you make, if your next game could have no physical violence in it?”

A Game Studio In The Clouds (Gamasutra)
“How does an indie studio come together — and ship games together — if they’re not located in the same city? Emeric Thoa, former Ubisoft developer and current creative director of The Game Bakers, explains what tech and techniques can make it work.”

Lab Bunnies Coming Oct 25 (Tech-Wanderings of Greg Holsclaw)
“We at Skejo Studios are glad to announce our debut title Lab Bunnies, which weaves the story of the first, super smart, cloned sheep, crafting their own creations, cloned bunnies. But as they experiment on their own clones, someone is still experimenting on them.”

Continuing Romances From Previous Games (Computer Games)
“Those of you who played the first Planet Stronghold game will be happy to know that I’m not writing it myself :D so you can expect a much better writing this time!… There will be time to talk about the new, refreshing plot (which will show the main character not as the classic ‘invincible hero’, but more his/her human aspect) but for now I want to talk about the great idea the writer had, to continue the previous game romances.”

Adding Asynchronicity (Gamasutra)
“Can asynchronicity work for more than simple board games? Indie developer Derek Bruneau describes the process of building asynchronous gameplay to RPG Conclave, examining the history of the form and how it works for him.”

Good Morning Gato # 102 – Under There (Ska Studios)
“I spotted Gato under a chair but she likes to pretend she’s invisible. It makes her feel safe to be hidden away while surveying the land. To her disappointment, the scene was too darn cute to resist taking a photo of, thus breaking her illusion.”

Marvelous Launches Indie Dev Support Program (Develop)
“Marvelous AQL Europe has launched a new scheme to help small free-to-play developers release their games on the App Store. The partnership program, called MarvDev, has been designed to help smartphone devs with funding, game design, operations and marketing.”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of October 19 (Zeboyd Games)
Project Eternity finished successfully with around $4 million total making it the highest funded video game project (software) of all-time on kickstarter. The previous record was held by Double Fine Adventure Game which had $3.3 million…”

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