Dev Links: Map Quest

Today’s Developer Links has a GDC talk, an IGF China submission deadline (July 19!) and several other splendid items.

Video: Making a game while struggling with obsessive compulsiveness (
“In this GDC 2013 video, 24 Caret Games co-founder Matt Gilgenbach delivers a personal postmortem on how his obsessive-compulsive behavior led to a crunch-heavy, four-year development cycle for the PlayStation Network and PC rhythm reverse-shooter Retro/Grade.”

IGF China seeking pan-Pacific indie game submissions for 2013 event (
“The Independent Games Festival China – which will take place alongside this September’s GDC China in Shanghai – has opened its call for submissions and is accepting indie game entries from the pan-Pacific area from now through July 19.”

Drunken Robot Pornography Art Update! (Dejobaan)
“As some of you know, we have two really awesome artists; Amy who specializes in the 3D Modeling variety and Jonathan who illustrates digitally…with pixels… I figured we would look at what they have been up to so here goes!!”

Rampart Rush Beta (Lost Decade Games)
“Rampart Rush is our new defensive shoot ‘em up. Players control a warrior fighting off hordes of monsters with swords, daggers, shurikens, fireballs, and more! Players can also place buildings in their castle grounds, such as a Weapon Shop to buy more weapons, or a Magic School to learn more powerful magic.”

Experimenting is fun (Winter Wolves)
“If you follow me from the early days you already know that I like to experiment. I like to mix game genres, or at least try new things/features in existing genres.”

We love the demoscene (Hello Games)
“Hello! I’m Hazel, programmer at Hello Games. Since it’s Friday afternoon, I wanted to talk about where I went the other weekend – a demoparty in Germany. Revision 2013 in Saarbrucken, in fact.”

Good Morning Gato # 118 – Kitty Toy (Ska Studios)
“Here are some more Burning Questions for the week!”

RTX 2013 – July 5th thru July 7th (The Behemoth)
“This weekend, we’ll be in Texas for the Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) 2013! You’ll be able to chat with the developers of BattleBlock Theater (BBT), play the game for free on our custom-built arcade cabinets, enter a raffle for a chance to win a BBT Cat Guard toy or Behemoth Chicken plush and have the opportunity to buy some awesome merchandise from BBT and Castle Crashers.”


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