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Combat design for Clockwork Empires, what goes into designing a forensic ARG and other features in today’s Developer Links.


Designing Combat for Clockwork Empires (Gaslamp Games)
“Yes, we’ve finally got to that point where we had to put together a comprehensive design for how combat works in Clockwork Empires. So let’s talk a bit about it.”

A Tale of Two Talent Trees (The Psychology of Video Games)
“Can the presentation of choices on an upgrade screen or talent tree affect how we feel about those choices? Consider the two screenshots of talent trees below. No, look, don’t ask why just yet. Just consider them!”

Pilot Girl Concept Art (Purple Orange Games)
“Here is one more Concept Art from Danilo, this is the pilot girl I’m planning on using in the campaign.”

The last missing piece (Winter Wolves)
“What last missing piece you ask? Well, yesterday for real-life reasons I had to commute for long distances, so I spent a lot of time thinking. An activity that probably I should do more often. So, I thought that making games is like making a puzzle. You need all the pieces to finish it, and like puzzles, there are pieces that fit immediately, and others that take long time before you’ve found the right spot.”

Good Morning Gato # 119 – Rail Cat (Ska Studios)
“Earlier this week on our Facebook page, I asked: “what do you want to know about more in-depth in Charlie Murder?” The results are in, and stats and loot have won! So, here’s a little bit of depth:”

Changing the voters opinions (long term changes) (Positech Games)
“My current dilemma is adding enough effects that determine the changes over time in the membership of these groups. Some are pretty obvious, as in the three income groups membership is determined by the underlying economic simulation regarding income / redistribution / your policies on tax etc. But many are more subtle. For example, what would increase the number of liberals in your country? I already have a bunch of ‘membership’ effects, but I think it would be cool to add more, without it requiring adding tons and tons of new policies. Here are my current ideas, and I welcome more, or criticisms of my reasoning.”

Postmortem: Appy Entertainment’s Animal Legends (Gamasutra)
“Animal Legends is the newest game from Appy Entertainment — an independent developer out of Carlsbad, California. We’re the developers behind Trucks & Skulls NITRO, FaceFighter Ultimate, and SpellCraft: School of Magic. Our motto is, “Deadly Serious About Stupid Fun.” Appy’s games have been downloaded more than 22 million times and Apple has featured all our titles. With Animal Legends, we wanted to build on 2011’s SpellCraft to create a game where players can command archetypal fantasy heroes on dangerous quests for loot and glory — while still fitting Appy’s well-known goal of making fast-playing, humorous games with broad appeal.”


RTX 2013 – Day 2 (The Behemoth)
“Saturday was crazy! So much BattleBlock Theater going on in The Behemoth area. Our neighbors, The Gauntlet, held a preliminary tournament to get the best time on BattleBlock Theater’s challenge mode. We had our arcade cabinets running for 9 hours and every time a person played they got a raffle ticket for the 4:30PM & 5:30PM raffle. We also had the amazing experience of having an impromptu challenge by Immortal HD and Nova against Aaron and Josh of The Behemoth. Let’s just say our people were overpowered by frogs…”


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