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In today’s Developer Links, gamers stand up for their rights, a developer stands up for ‘queer games,’ and… there is art of people… standing up. Hey, the “rule of three” isn’t always easy.


Are Game Developers Standing Up For Their Rights? (Gamasutra)
“It is cool to work in the video game industry. You get paid work on games, right? This image of the video game industry as a cool, hip, fun place where you get to make cutting edge titles has some truth, but it also hides a dark side. The dark side sometimes shadows the light — like when Erin Hoffman made her now famous post as ea_spouse. And it appeared again with the allegations of Rockstar Spouse38 Studios Spouse, the investigative journalism of Andrew McMillen about the making of L.A. Noire, the IGDA press release about KAOS Studios, through IGDA reports about quality of life, and through conference panels, blogs and forums.”


Zeboyd Weekly Art! (1/9/2013): Nemissa, October, Cthulhu! (Zeboyd Games)
“So this week I drew Nemissa from Soul Hackers and I’m sharing some cool art of October (CSTW) and mighty Cthulhu (also CSTW).”


What Happens Next? (2013) (AltDevBlogADay)
“In June 2011 I wrote an article called What Happens Next?, where I had a quick go at peering into a crystal ball and predicting the future of video games. Recently I did a talk for Social Media Cafe, discussing similar thoughts with 18 months worth of additional future taken into account. Parts of what I discussed in the original article still hold true, and I elaborated upon them in my talk. This article is an amalgamation of the original article, the talk, and a few more bits that I realised I could have discussed at the time.”


NS2 Playtesters Wanted (Natural Selection 2)
“[W]e need your help. Many developers have large, dedicated ‘quality assurance’ teams. These teams are paid to find out just how badly the programmers, artists, game designers, and micro-transaction lovers have buggered everything up. At Unknown Worlds, there is no paid quality assurance (QA) team. We were going to hire one, but after paying for all the plants around the office we couldn’t afford it. Besides, there is a better alternative to paid QA. A passionate community. You.”


Useful Indie Resources (Independent Gaming)
“This being my first post here, I want to give something that can be beneficial to everyone. This being the case, I went out to the depths of the internet to find a huge collection of useful resources which will be beneficial to indie game developers, whether they’re professionals or just doing it as a hobby!”


A Crazy Week (Computer Games)
“Now first of all, as you can imagine, I wasn’t able to work on Heileen 3 yuri version. I feel better but not good enough to code, which requires concentration to avoid making lots of mistakes. However, the writers have basically finished reviewing the texts, so I think the beta could start the coming week.”


Now We Have Voices (Auntie Pixelante)
“at indiecade in october, i gave a presentation entitled NOW WE HAVE VOICES: QUEERING VIDEOGAMES. it was recorded, but as i have been unable to get an answer from the indiecade organizers as to when the recording will be online, i present here the text and slides (represented as numbers in brackets – click on them to see the slide) of my speech. what’s missing is the question & answer session following my presentation and the amazing discussion that came out of it.”


Gratuitous Space Battles: The Outcasts Is Released! (
“Yup, you noticed I’d gone quiet about the new Gratuitous Space Battles expansion? Well it’s always like that in the days leading up to a release, while a bunch of admin stuff gets done. But lo! The latest expansion pack for my scarily popular space strategy game is now on sale. Here is the official launch trailer (also in HD, view on youtube to see in all it’s glory):”


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