Dev Links: The Unattainable

Plenty of design info and advice in today’s Developer Links, along with other glimpses into the dark inner-workings of indie devs.


Designing “10000000″ as a Free To Play Game (#AltDevBlogADay)
“1000000 [iOS, Android, Steam] is a puzzle-runner-rpg-like game developed by Eightyeight Games. If you haven’t played it, I seriously recommend to check it out since it’s awesome, and its story of development and success is as amazing and inspiring as the game itself.”

GDC13 Summary: Animation Bootcamp Part 2/6 (Wolfire Games)
“In this series of posts, I summarize my takeaways from some of the GDC 2013 sessions for anyone who couldn’t be there, starting with the animation bootcamp sessions on the first day. These are reconstructed from notes and memory, and may not exactly match what the speakers said.”

Unfinished Things (Terry Cavanagh)
“Saw Andi post a vine of her games on twitter and thought it was a cool idea, so I figured I’d make one too. Some unfinished games here that I’d like to finish sometime.”

Design Tips When Porting Mobile to Console (Mommy’s Best Games)
“The Ouya game console officially launches June 4th, but has already been sending out Kickstarter backer versions. The game store itself is live. I’ve had a dev kit console for some time and have been working on an original game for it called Pig Eat Ball. I’m interested in this console, am making a game for it, and want it to do well. It’s a low cost console, but doesn’t need to come off as cheap. What can make it look cheap and neglected? Quick ports.”

Good Morning Gato # 115 – Mmm Tasty (Ska Studios)
“We’ve answered questions before but never before have we put it under a title with the intent to make it a regular thing. Welcome to the first “Burning Questions” section of the Friday blog where I collect questions, condensing similar questions down, and try to give answers! “

Biting off more than can chew (Winter Wolves)
“I would like to be able to sleep peacefully as my two cats above! The reality is that in the past month it has been quite stressful, for various reasons, personal and job related.”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of April 5 (Zeboyd Games)

Two guys made an MMO: The Growtopia postmortem (
“So, being the master of game marketing that I am, I’ve carefully been totally silent here on my blog about my latest game, despite being released five months ago. The game now regularly hits 3,000 players online at once and has been financially a huge success. (At least by my humble standards!) It’s been a top 1000 grossing US App Store game for the past four months and doing similarly well on Android – all without being featured and zero paid advertising. Today I’m finally sitting down to document how this project took shape as well as the trials and tribulations.”


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