‘Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye’ Sneaks Closer To Release With New Demo

The qualifications for being a spy are charming, smart, outgoing, and a whole load of other qualities that nerds who write about video games don’t tend to associate with. This is why we have to look up to the higher members of society and bow at their ability to conform, people like Dirk Dashing – these are real heroes. Apparently.

Well of course we have our tongue pressed firmly to our inner cheek in much the same way as the developer of Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye does. A game that so happily looks at James Bond, takes all of the funny bits for itself and slaps it with parody where possible. From a gameplay perspective though, you have some serious spy work to be doing. Night vision goggles, smartly dressed female accomplices and tranquilliser darts at the ready!

All of this cafuffle being made can only mean one thing, actually – make that two things. Firstly, a new demo with plenty of juicy updates has been made available. For clarification, this is the v0.9.1 update of the game and the changelog can be found on the official website at the time of writing. The second thing is that we’re near the game’s full release, yes the v1.0 release of the game which is currently slated as June 30th. You can already but it you’re so inclined to do so, for $19.99.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about then it’s probably a good time to download the demo, and get this – it’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux!

More information on Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye can be found on the game’s official website.

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