Don’t Stop Running in Sprinter

No good can come from running away from the past. It’s relentless, ruthless, and no matter how far someone runs, it catches up with them.  Light Step Games’s new top-down action game Sprinter, explores one family’s struggle with their past. Players will run through guarded hallways, sneak past security cameras while collecting pieces of memories from three individuals named Rosie, Emily and Lyle in order to tell their story.


Players will encounter a world created with pastel colors, and minimalistic aesthetics. Quick reflexes and precision will be needed as players hurtle over objects as they move through each in the allowed time. The game also allows full controller support and is recommended by the developer.


Sprinter is expected to release on February 25 on Steam for Windows PC and Mac. The game will initially be on sale for $6.39 (USD) before returning to its full retail price of $7.99 (USD). To learn more about the game and the developer Light Step Games  visit the official website, and “like” on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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