Dreamy: New Build Of ‘Kyoto’ Released, Is Fully Featured

Illogic Tree is led by Eddie Lee of Q-Games (PixelJunk series) and their latest game, or rather “interactive ambient musical visualizer”, is called Kyoto and is the perfect supplement to a lazy Sunday.


Released just today, the latest and one of the very last builds of Kyoto features everything in the game, with just some of the audio aspects still being finished off. Now more than ever is it worth checking out this hypnotic experience. If you do, prepare to sink into a short but very sweet treat with Kyoto. There’s not a huge amount to it but there’s plenty of good to go around.


You’re presented with a single screen in which you’ll blossom a tree. Most things that you can see will react to your mouse movements, so you can effectively run your fingers through water, shake a tree’s branches and ruffle the grass. There’s a few calming notes played in the background to create the tone, but you’re more likely to notice the flying orbs (shooting stars?) which you can grab and use to cause some progressions.


Lights in the sky will appear, lanterns and torches too. The music builds up and soon you will find yourself adding to it by plucking strings in the sky and clicking on various other elements in the screen. This is a combination of serene graphics and wonderful audio holds the ability to tempt the curious and delight as well as relax the mind.


You can download the latest build of Kyoto for free by clicking on this link. More information on the game can be found over on its official website.

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